The Art of Confidence

Confidence is perhaps the most important thing that a male can have in this life. Confidence that he can create and carve his own destiny and identity. These are powerful thoughts.

Take a moment and remember back to when you were a child and drew pictures that were  absolute garbage, then had your parents stick them to the fridge or wall. You would draw pictures of your dreams and aspirations, and live life on your terms. Did you, or anyone else care how terrible the drawing was? Obviously not. Life was good.

Have you ever realized that the younger the child tends to be, the more confident they tend to be? If you don’t believe me, think about the emotional roller coasters that almost all youth tend to go through compared to years prior. Back in your diaper days, you didn’t care what other people thought – you did what you wanted, and sure as hell didn’t stress out as much as you do now.

As we grow up, we seem to have the confidence, creativity, and and masculinity beaten out of us at every turn; this is especially true for those of you growing up in a post-feminest world. In nearly every commercial, movie, or mainstream media outlet, women are unceasingly hinting at how men need act this way, groom so often, and be “polite” in front of women, while women are ‘coming to rescue’ the completely inept, football-comatosed male who, to top it off, makes less money than her.

It is time that confidence is reclaimed and restored to men all over the western world.

What contributes to confidence? Many things, but here are some of the most important:

1. Looks – Your first impression, and sadly, often your last. Start working out, get braces if your teeth aren’t straight, get a hair cut, and reinvent your wardrobe based around timeless styles. If you look good, chances are you’ll feel good.

2. Communication! – I am not talking about social media here. One easy and very “rejection-proof” way to communicate with anyone is through a compliment. For complimenting men, a general “Classy suit!” will get you a good reaction from anyone who is actually worth talking too. Women on the other hand, often appreciate the details being noticed. Compliment on things such as earrings, necklaces, or even how great their complexion is (this one usually requires a bit of an existing relationship to not come of as a weirdo).

3. Knowledge – When was the last time you read through a classic novel, history book, or read something on current events other than a newspaper? Oscar Wilde once said, “You can never be over dressed, or over educated”, and he was absolutely correct. Take a stroll through your local bookstore and pick up a few books on anything from cooking or business, to history. Deep reading is quickly becoming a lost art. Dedicate time to reading worth-while material and people will begin to notice a change in the aura you project.

Now remember, these things are not a license to go around telling everyone how confident or sexy you are. That does not exude confidence. Anyone who needs to say they have confidence, does not. Real confidence is noticed by all, and missed by no one.